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TMBA Talks Trails with Local Leaders

Last Thursday, Neil Dimacali and I (Joseph Petty) attended the annual Speed Date Your Local Leaders event at The Village Square. We met with City and County Commissioners, the Mayor, LCSO Sheriff Wood, several school board members, and a few others, in a speed dating format where we had seven minutes speak with each leader. We covered a lot of ground in a short time and opened several new lines of communication that will hopefully lead to great things for cycling in Tallahassee. Most of the representatives seemed genuinely interested in improving our trail system and roadways for cycling, and they were very receptive to our suggestions.

A few highlights worth noting include:

Sheriff Wood – Discussed forming a local chapter of the National Mountain Bike Patrol. Woods loved the idea and is interested in helping us get it started. Want to volunteer and help us form a new chapter? Check out

City & County Commissioners – Unifying our trail system through consistent and more prominent signage, connecting trails via power & gas easements, marketing Tallahassee’s trail system as a tourist attraction, and possibly building a new trail around Innovation Park.

Parks & Recs – Working with city to apply for grants for trail development. They suggested that the city may be eligible for certain grants that TMBA could not apply for on their own.

KCCI (Besty Couch) – Promoting Tallahassee as a place to live, work and play. Values “Sense of Place”, mentioned “wayfinding” by bicycle, and improving the city for bike commuters.

Neil also met a gentleman named Richard Fetchick, who is working on a project which has many common goals with TMBA. Mr. Fetchick is very passionate about bicycle riding and how bicycling can improve our city’s quality of life. He is working on a phone app and website (still under construction) to help new riders explore the city.

Overall, this meeting provided some great exposure for TMBA and a chance to meet the people involved in managing and funding our city’s awesome trail system.

Want to get more involved with one of the above projects? Send us a message and let us know how you would like to help. And if you’re not currently a member, please consider joining at

August Time Trial Results

Results from tonight’s time trial:
1. Chris Stoutamire 27:28
2. Mike Yaun 28: 56
3. Andrew Fisher 29:18
4. Paul Lawrence 30:11
5. Matthew Wilson 30:56
6. David Saba 30:58
7. Stirling Thigpen 31:02
8. Rich Snow 31:22
9. Shelley Yaun 32:22
10. Chris Hudson 32:39
11. Mike Boll 33:38
12. Brian Berry 33:56
13. Robert Wigen 35:51
14. Brad 37:50
Thanks to all that came out to help keep time and support the race- including Brent Scarabin, Jen Harrell, Karen Bareford, Stefy Bau, and Sergio Pinon

July Time Trial – Twilight

July Time Trial results:
The Big, Hot Sandy

Mike Yaun 39:36
Danny Percy 40:31
Danielle Marrero 40:36
Adolfo Arauz 41:00
Chris Slaton : 41:06
Matthew Wilson 42:44
John Pritt 42:54
Mathew Bull 43:55
Galen Klein 44:39
Mike Clark 44:44
Mike Boll 45:21
Travis Laffitte 45:53
Rich Snow 46:01
Chris Hudson 46:08 SS
Robert Wigen 46:32
Aaron Chern 48:01
Sarah Wilson 48:34
Sam McArthur 50:31
Joaquin 57:20
Thanks to all that came out and thanks to Brent Scarabin for handling the timing

June 2014 Time Trial – Loblolly/East Caddy/Hill of Puke

1. Carlos Calleja Morencia 17:54
2. Craig Lee 17:56
3. Sam Hajjar 18:24
4. Mike Yaun 18:52
5. Jose Sanchez 20:16
6. John Pritt 20:22
7. Matthew Wilson 20:32
8. Robert Puker Wigen 20:57
9. Aaron Chern 21:17
10. Jen Harrell 22:24
11. Mike Boll 23:03
12. Sarah Wilson 23:11
13. Mark Alexander 23:15

May 2014 TT Results – The Delicious Enchilada

Darien Angelier – 25:33
Chris Stoutamire – 25:57
J.C. Lakey – 26:44
Craig Brickser – 27:37
Mike Yaun – 27:38
Pete Butler – 27:41
Danny Percy – 28:15
Mark Alexander – 28:59 – Winner of the Fireball Clydesdale Championship
Stirling Stoutamire – 29:22
John Pritt – 30:09
Jen Harrell – 30:13
Robert Wigen – 30:40
Mathew Bull – 31:28
Joseph Petty – 31:49
Mike Clark – 32:20
Sarah Wilson – 33:07
Mike Boll – 33:44
David Shufflebotham – 36:28

April Time Trial

The results are in

Brent Scarabin 27:41
Jon Maner 29:36
Robert Wigen 32:30
John Pritt 32:45
Mike Boll 33:19
Chris Hudson 34:23
Galen Klein 34:54
Sarah Wilson 35:39
Sam McArthur 37:14
Aaron Chern 42:13

Thanks to Karen Bareford for helping with the timing.

We had great weather for the time trial. Conditions were pretty good on Munson. A little sandy, but not too bad.

Thanks for all that came out.

IMBA Trail Care Visit was Huge Success

“With @[249012091885312:274:IMBA Trail Care Crew: Jesse and Lori]”

From Trail Building School, posted by Matthew Wilson on 3/03/2014 (45 items)

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from Capital City Cyclists Blog

The Tallahassee Mountain Bike Association (TMBA) just wrapped up a very busy 4 day visit from the International Mountain Bike Association’s current Trail Care Crew – Jesse and Lori. You can find more general info about the Trail Care Crew in general here:

The Tallahassee visit’s main event was a free, one-day Trail Building School, during which Jesse and Lori taught sustainable trail building. TMBA scheduled the Trail Building School for Saturday, March 1st. The event consisted of morning classroom training held in the city’s Meyers Park Community room, free lunch donated by Dave’s Pizza Garage, and an afternoon of on the ground training in Tom Brown Park. We had great turnout with a mix of TMBA members, locals, a handful of people from out of town, and staff from local and state land managers. Organizing this couldn’t have happened without all the hard work from the Tallahassee Parks and Recreation staff Chuck Goodheart and Craig Brickser.

The Tallahassee Trail Building School project reestablished a portion of the Magnolia trail in Tom Brown Park that was removed during the construction of joint city/county public safety complex and the Red Cross center on Weems Road.

The participants of the Trail Building School bench cut a beautiful piece of singletrack between the new buildings and the adjacent retention pond. This trail will be connected with the existing Magnolia Trail in a follow-up TMBA workday on Saturday, March 15th.

In addition to the Trail Building School, TMBA scheduled an afternoon Land Manager Training session where Jesse and Lori talked with our local trail land mangers about the practice of designing, building and maintaining sustainable trails.

TMBA also managed to squeeze in participation in the Thursday evening event – Speed Date Local Leaders. Mike Yaun and Matt Wilson from the TMBA board; a few TMBA members -Sarah Wilson, Neil Dimacali, Joseph Petty, and Craig Brickser; and Jesse from the Trail Care Crew talked with County and City Commissioners, Leon County Administrator Vince Long, TPD Chief Michael DeLeo, and Tallahassee Director of Parks and Recreation Dee Crumpler. The event was a great opportunity to discuss with local leaders the importance of biking for the Tallahassee area.

Finally TMBA held several great social events related to the visit. Friday night included a social ride and meal with several kegs of beer brewed by TMBA Event Coordinator and brewmaster Joseph Petty; the Friday night meal was hosted by Higher Ground Bicycle Company. Saturday night was a post Trail Building School celebration at Juicy Blue Tapas Bar & Bistro in the Four Points by Sheraton, which had been gracious enough to donate a free room for Jesse and Lori’s stay in Tallahassee.

Last, but not least, Matt Wilson lead a Sunday morning social ride that starting at Tom Brown Park that included trying out the new section of Magnolia Trail and was a great send off for Jesse and Lori.

Redbug Trail Workday

We had a great showing and got some good work done at Redbug today. We took care of two boggy sections of trail by building boardwalks. The north side bog was actually an extension of existing boardwalk. We also rerouted some trail near the south entrance of Forest Meadows away from a heavily eroded section.

Thanks to:
Mike and Evan Clark
Charlie Cultas
Neil Dimacali
Carroll Hageseth
Chris Hudson
Dee and Tony Kring
Doug Parke
Joseph Petty
John Pritt
Jose Sanchez
Ray Scott
Robert Wigen
Matt, Sarah, Devon and Kiera Wilson
Mike Yaun

Special Thanks to:
Bob and Craig from The City of Tallahassee
Taylor Harrell from Backwoods Bistro

Urban Gorilla Ride

Urban GorillaSunday, Feb 2, 2014, is our annual Tallahassee Urban Gorilla on Superbowl Sunday. We meet at City Hall at 0900 and ride all the trails including Tom Brown and Red Bug Post-ride celebration at the Backwoods Bistro. Worth a trip to our little piece of paradise.

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