NMBP volunteers:

  • Assist in medical and mechanical emergencies
  • Educate trail users of proper etiquette
  • Inform land managers, land owners and trail users of trail conditions through monitoring efforts
  • Work with land managers to maintain and/or gain trail access for mountain bikers
  • Offer volunteer services at outdoor races and events
  • Collaborate with local clubs on trail work days, clinics, group rides and Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day events

If you are interested in helping us start a local chapter, either through patrol participation or through financial support, we’d like to hear from you.

To participate, you need to be prepared to:

  • Learn First Aid and CPR
  • Learn basic bike repair
  • Volunteer your time at local events

Want to help us by helping underwrite the start up costs of training and equipment?
Getting a chapter started takes more than just willing volunteers. We also need money to pay for training and to buy a bit of gear. Let us know if you’d like to help.

Please fill out the form to let us know that you’re interested in learning more.

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You can also donate via paypal here*:

*please note, membership to TMBA is separate from this donation and can be made by by following this link