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A Perfect Day On A Mountain Bike

With little exception the mountain bike trails of Tallahassee were first built by scofflaws and visionaries with a dream of creating a linked trail system allowing riders to navigate safely and in style whether they were riding for sport or necessity. Beginning with Tallahassee’s original mountain bike club, the Fat of the Land, single track has been growing throughout the area since the 1980’s.

Over time, most of those trails were adopted and sanctioned by the various land managers, of which there are many. Now, with guidance from TMBA, that early vision is closer to reality. Tallahassee features three distinct regions for mountain biking. Each offers professionally built trails, maintained by TMBA volunteers.

The unique terrain, wildlife, distances, and degrees of difficulty mean each rider can put together a perfect day on a mountain bike. Detailed maps and reviews of our trails can be found online at Trailforks, but here is a brief description of what to expect.

Alford Greenway

Follow the single track to the right once you cross the bridge and it will lead you on a 7 mile loop around the perimeter of the greenway or explore the many double-track trails.

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So the vintage cars you see on the trail are actually Fords, but that doesn’t diminish the sweet flow and sharp, technical corners of this intermediate to expert-level trail. A quintessential Tallahassee trail experience.

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Lafayette Heritage

This multi-use trail intersects the Cadillac trail so any line chosen will eventually bring you to the same destination along the dike that splits Lake Lafayette and leads you to our next area.

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Lake Overstreet

Idyllic riding along the banks of the lake around the park perimeter or venture into the network of single track including the Silk trail, Secret Single Track, East, West, and North loops.

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Magnolia Trail

Magnolia is a really fun and flowy trail with some pretty cool trail features. There is a huge wallride.  With high speed you can get high on that wall if you’re not careful. Magnolia has a lower and upper section both are fun and have their share of technical features. The lower section has two

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Miccosukee Greenway

With a little creative route-finding through some neighborhoods and some stout hill-climbing on road you can link the previous trail system to this sprawling area with a 6 mile long packed shell or dirt multi-use trail.

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Munson Hills

This is where it all began in Tallahassee. The classic 7.5 mile loop runs counter-clockwise, with a divider trail, the Tall Pine Shortcut, bisecting the loop to offer a bit more or less depending on what you need.

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Red Bug

Rooty with short, unexpected steep climbs, big log-overs and step-ups this 5.3 mile single-track will use everything you have or have left. For many years the trail of choice for proving your local mettle.

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A concession to the old-school riders who favor a more natural surface, this additional 14 miles of single-track is a high-speed magic carpet ride after a rain, or a sandy wander through the twilight zone depending on conditions.

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